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Laconian & Associates has been brought about by a dedicated group of like-minded individuals who collectively possess over 50 years of direct experience in the various construction disciplines.

By joining forces, they aim to provide clients with the utmost professional hands on and dedicated service throughout each and every project taken on.

Our operations encompass a comprehensive range of construction elements, ensuring the delivery of the end product.

Our services meet with the intended purpose which are always approved by building control regulations and adhere to all structural engineering requirements provided to us.  

Combined 50+ years experience

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We have a proven track record in refurbishment works throughout North London and the South East. This includes listed and period buildings covering all scopes of work.


Remodelling & Change of Use

We have successfully remodelled numerous buildings across London and the Southeast inclusive of change of use from primary office space to residential.


Design & Planning

We have successfully taken sites from inception through planning having delivered completed projects in both the private and commercial sector. In addition we have shown tenacity in the appeals process gaining the rights to approve planning for our clients.



We have a comprehensive understanding of decommissioning and the scope of elements involved to prepare buildings for new proposed use.  This includes the facility to secure the property and close down all active utilities.



We have successfully completed numerous restoration projects inclusive of listed buildings of significant interest. Our expertise allows us to understand the pathology of the building and reinstate any and all original features that would comply with the heritage trust or any other appointed body to be approved by them.


Remedial Works

There is an increasing demand for us to address the works of other contractors that have fallen short of meeting client expectations. These projects may have not been completed in accordance with local authority building control or may lack compliance with engineering details, architectural requirements, or the principles outlined by the designer. Works are promptly resolved and completed within the agreed-upon budget by all parties involved.


Dispute Resolution

In an area that often leads to parties falling out and resorting to litigation, we provide a valuable service aimed at mediating between contractors and clients. Our goal is to resolve disputes and seek mutually beneficial solutions that save time and money. By redirecting the focus onto project delivery and completing the desired outcome, we ensure that the attention is placed where it matters most.


Project Managment

We offer comprehensive professional project management consultancy services across all disciplines of the construction industry. This service is available to private clients / principle contractors and local authorities we are more than capable of managing your projects including the closing out of all HSE requirements.


Structural Works

We have a track record of underpinning structural steel works working with qualified engineers within London and the South East.

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